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A special thanks to EIN  who researched and commented on all these clips
We would suggest that you view these videos a.s.a.p. as they are being removed on a daily basis.

YouTube begins removing illegal Elvis footage: When EPE announced their plans to officially use YouTube to exploit the "Presley brand", EIN knew it wouldn't be long before illegal footage would start being removed. So far only the 'On Tour Outtakes' footage and 'That's The Way It Is' material has been removed. The notification says, "This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Warner Bros Inc because its content was used without permission". Hopefully the positive result will be that Warners will see the enthusiasm Elvis fans have for this kind of material and they will finally release the long-awaited 'Elvis On Tour' DVD. 2007 has to be the key year to market these major releases. So far EPE has sadly only managed to post THREE videos at their 'Elvis Central'.

                                New videos added 2/7/07

'Take My Hand Precious Lord' - From  Feelings9
EIN is in a gospel mood & reflective mood. As we approach August 16th this touched my soul.
A very poignant video that is worth repeated viewing.
Best of the week.

'How Great Thou Art' 1977 CBS - From:  Josihno17
Elvis should never have been on stage but even at the very end Elvis could give his all.  From the CBS TV special, an important gospel song.

'Lead Me, Guide Me'- From theking21083
While in the Gospel mood this is one of my all-time favourites. Set to some fascinating & thought-provoking religious images.

'The Wonder of You' (DJF Edit) -  From:  smithersjones
SENSATIONAL! A magnificent tribute to Elvis. Great edit of clips from TTWII and use of slo-mo
Once again from the DVD
'Elvis -1st, 2nd & 4ever' One of the very best. EPE are you watching?

'My Way' 1977 Tribute - From:  tcbelvis
Simple but very effective tribute to Elvis as we head to August thirty years on. Using footage from the CBS 77 TV special and more this is another moving tribute (EIN thanks Charmaine/Linda Lee for the link)

'Bridge Over Troubled Water ' On Tour special - From:  MusicKKR 
The internet police keep removing this - but it's back! E Live in Greensboro in 1972. Beautiful suit, beautiful song. Check out JD Sumner looking on in wonder.
(EIN thanks UK Andrew for the word-up)

'Blue Moon' - From  maca14
Elvis' sensational SUN version set to a fifties photo-montage. Some stunning & rare photos beautifully compiled.

'You're The Boss' Elvis & Ann Margret - From:  shakyboy64
An excellent idea and a very nice edit.
"When it comes down to love, You're a horse!"  - did she really sing that!?

'Stranger in the Crowd' -  From:  creatureofthenight99 
"Bare with us" says Elvis. A great outtakes from TTWII Vegas 1970. Elvis jokes, "It should be out in 1982". C'mon Warners/MGM where is that complete TTWII DVD? Great song - Watch it now before it is deleted. Won't last long!

'Mr. Songman' - From:  simen135
A great video that compiles a fine selection of fan footage. Interesting to see Elvis in his 1975 two-piece suits rather than jumpsuits.

'Mr. Songman' - From  maca14
Another version of this lesser-known Elvis song from his 1973 Stax session. A nice autobiographical view of Elvis as the 'Songman'.  Some very nice close-up photos.

'Twenty Days and Twenty Nights'- From:  elvispresley1 
A beautiful live performance from 'Lost Performances' video. Another song that should have been on the 'extended TTWII' DVD. This one is rediscovered for Carolyn.

'Twenty days and Twenty nights'
- From:  ademarbosa
Very nice homage to Elvis through the years. Another version of this great song this time set to a touching photo-montage.

                             New videos added 18/6/07

'Born to Rock' ('C'mon Everybody' remix) - From: GaloRouco
The fabulous C'mon Everybody remix from the 'Born To Rock' DVD. Very clever stuff - a classic of its kind.

Candid footage of Elvis at Graceland 1970 - From: GaloRouco
Great 1970 candid footage of Elvis signing autographs for fans at Graceland.
Short but very, very sweet.
(Thanks to Dr Pedro for the link)

'Until It's Time For You To Go' - From: creatureofthenight99
From the Greensboro concert, rare material from 'On Tour'. One of Elvis' most beautiful jumpsuits and a touching ballad. See it before it disappears.

Aloha - extra Japan TV footage -  From: BurningLove1977
Six minutes of footage filmed by a Japanese TV Station before the Aloha Show.
It is fascinating to see inside Elvis' rather basic dressing room and the stage set-up. It also shows the huge size of the auditorium that Elvis was playing to.
(Thanks to Sanja for the link)

'Teddy Bear' - From: maca14
How many pictures have you seen of Elvis with Teddy Bears & children? This is very cute, featuring some rare photos I have never seen before! (Thanks to Marija for the link)

'Jailhouse Rock' colourised - From: exit9999
Yesterday we announced the import DVD release of the colourised film Jailhouse Rock. If you haven't seen it recently, or ever, here is the classic title song in colour.

'Spanish Eyes' - From:  maca14
A photo-montage set to Elvis' sweet Spanish Eyes Some nice close up photos

Elvis Live in Atlanta 30 Dec. 1976
- From: GaloRouco
Fan footage of one of Elvis' very best concerts of 1976. At the end of 1976 Elvis pulled off a stunning series of December concerts, after that it would sadly be all downhill. Although the video is not the best, nearly half the concert was filmed and there are some classic moments.
(Thanks to Dr Pedro for the link)

                            New videos added 30/5/07

'A Little Less Conversation' New Video -  From: Robbo42
- Clip of the week. The best 'ALLC' clip yet, capturing that rush of Elvis in action through the years.
Imagine if this had been the officially released video! What a blast!

Live at Madison Square Garden 9th June 1972  - From:  tcbhome
An excellent compile of Madison Square Garden footage shot professionally.
There is obviously plenty of material that could be used in an official DVD.
Imagine this footage in its original quality - unfortunately you need to ignore the insipid instrumental.

Madison Square Garden (silent footage) - From  miradassimples
While a bit surreal at times - multiple Elvises at once - here is some more great quality close-up action footage. Unfortunately without sound this is yet more great Elvis action from these historical concerts.
(EIN thanks UK Andrew for the link)

Elvis Movies 2 - From: mikevideo
Do not miss this compile of total sixties movies fluff. This is a hilarious 10 minute romp through some of the best & very worst. Features 'Do The Clam', 'Spring Fever', 'He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad' and other greats!

Elvis' Jaycees Speech January 1971 - From:  PeterS197135
Excellent complete clip of Elvis receiving his award for being one of the ten outstanding young men of 1970. Includes extra rare footage as well as Elvis talking about the speech during the On Tour filming.

Graceland grounds cine footage filmed in 1973 - From:  JAARNO88
Fascinating 8 minutes of fan footage filmed on the grounds in 1973 by a Dutch fan club.
This is when the "It's Elvis Time" Dutch Fan Club hung their famous banner
"We're going to see Elvis" on Elvis' front porch! The emotional audio is from the Radio Luxembourg broadcast by Tony Prince on the night Elvis died.
(EIN thanks Sanja for the link)

' I Can't Stop Loving You' 1970/1972 - From:  elvos77
A cool slideshow combining the 1970 rehearsal with the 1972 'Lost Performances' live version. Elvis would strangely perform this on his very last concert having not sung it in years.
(EIN thanks Rob V for the link)

'Pledging My Love' - From:  purelistener
Another fine selection of photographs set to one of Elvis' great final recordings.
The unedited longer version on
'The Jungle Room Sessions'
is even better.
(EIN thanks Sanja for the link)

'Steamroller Blues' (Memphis 1974) - From:  elvos77
Another excellent edit combining the Aloha footage with the Memphis 1974 audio.
We already have a similar version in our Concert list but elvos 77 has worked very hard with the lip-sync on this one. Cool song, great video.
(EIN thanks Erhan for the link)

'See See Rider' (Live 1975) - From:  SonnyTCB
Another fine clip combining fan footage & soundboard from 1975. With clever inclusion of photographs you get a better idea of how Elvis looked in his 2 piece suits.

'Because You Loved Me' (Elvis tribute) - From maca14
While I am not a Celine Dion fan, this is a very lovely and touching tribute set to her song 'Because You Loved Me'.
Even more appropriate with the recent chart-topping duet. (See duet clip below)
I think we can all in some way relate to the lyrics..
" You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you


Watch Celion Dion and Elvis duet "If I Can Dream"  Click here

Jessica Simpson sings "Love Me Tender"  Click Here

I've Got A Thing About You Baby Video.  Click Here

Tupelo 1956 colour footage
-  From  rabaaron. From Keith Flynn's fabulous site this is some extraordinarily rare footage of Elvis' Mississippi/Alabama fair show in colour.  Click Here

'I Got A Woman' 1956 - From  DUDDISC
Let's not forget where Elvis' legendary status came from. Elvis' very first national TV appearance on the Dorsey Show, Jan 28th 1956. Surprisingly Elvis sang 'I Got A Woman' only once on live TV but it remained a staple of his live act right through to his very final 1977 concert in Indianapolis.

'All Shook Up/Kentucky Rain' live February 1970
- From  tomekkk79
With the predominance of the TTWII footage from August 1970 we rarely get to see Elvis in action at his 2nd Vegas season. This video cleverly edits together the few pieces of fan-footage that exist.

Elvis in his penthouse suite pre August 10th 1970 Opening Show - From  tcbpep
A new edit of the TTWII footage shot in Elvis' hotel room before his August 1970 opening show. More than featured in the movie this clip nicely catches the pre show tension. A classic 6 minutes in private at the International Hotel....

'Patch It Up' - From  ELVISLAND
More from EWJ's superb August 11th Opening Show release.
Elvis was so athletic & energy-packed. Check out his back-flip at the end, repeated from 2 camera angles. Again this is what should be on the new expanded TTWII DVD. Another chance to see this clip before it is removed.
This concert was released on FTD's sensational
'One Night In Vegas'

'Polk Salad Annie' August 11th 1970 long intro version - From  ELVISLAND
An all-time fantastic version that was previously removed by Warners but is now back on YouTube. One of the very best, this is what should be added to the new expanded 'TTWII' DVD. Originally from EWJ with a little fun enhancement from Elvisland.

Elvis Press Conference Houston 1970 - From  PeterS197135
Essential viewing cleverly combing all available sources this is the near complete February 1970 press conference in Houston, Texas. Running 9 minutes it also features home-footage and on-stage performances. Includes Elvis' great quote about the International Hotel Las Vegas, "If I don't smell some garbage man, I don't feel at home" plus the perfect 'satorial splendour' comment!

'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Houston 1971 - From tomekkk79
A great clip from the superb 'Behind The Image 2' DVD with synchronised sound.
Some of the best quality 1971 footage around.

'Polk Salad Anne' 1976/1975 - From  ELVISLAND
With home footage taken at Johnson City 17March 1976 the video is cleverly synced with the May 6th 1975 Murfreesboro version. Taken from FTD's
'Dixieland Rocks' Elvis still rocks out in 1975.

'Polk Salad Annie' Johnny Cash/Tony Joe White duet from April 1970
- From  opurkert
A fascinating clip if only to demonstrate how Elvis made this song his own.
Shown on TV  before Elvis' first version was released -  Tony Joe White appeared on the Johnny Cash Show April 8th 1970. Johhny Cash looks well out-of-place in his Tuxedo but it is highly entertaining.
Watch it now before it disappears.

'Polk Salad Annie' - From  Josihno17
Great song, and a great edit featuring an excellent mix of rare home-footage.
4 minutes of inspired Polk Salad lunacy. Check the guitar throwing sequence, the nicely synced Karate and clever ending.

Elvis, a Man and his Motorcycles - From moodyblue77
"If you know anything about Elvis.. You know he loved motorcycles" Set to King Creole's 'Trouble', this is a cute homage to the man and his bikes.

Elvis does Johnny Cash - From JAARNO88
Elvis' great Johnny Cash impersonation from August 14, 1970. Set to a simple photo selection.

Johnny Cash does Elvis Presley - From blondie92126
Essential viewing after listening to Elvis' Johnny Cash impersonation above.
From an old b&w TV show, Johnny Cash does a funny impression of his friend Elvis.

Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash - From poozhaan
More Elvis and Johnny Cash!  George Klein narrates this rare footage of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash in 1955. From the Great Performances video.

'All Shook Up' live, Hawaii 1961 - From  SonnyTCB
Some great photos and look at Elvis in Hawaii, 1961. What a fabulous concert.. can't wait for FTD's updated re-release. How unbelievably stupid that The Colonel didn't film the concert.

Elvis in the sixties (picture compilation) -  From  SonnyTCB
Some great chronological shots from movies & through to Vegas all of Elvis in the sixties. Elvis had great hair in the sixties! To Rubberneckin'/ALLC soundtrack

'I'll Remember You' - From  starlight888
A lovely look at Elvis and Priscilla set to the full-length studio recording. If there's anything to be thankful for, it's that Elvis and Priscilla were together in the sixties -
what fabulous hair!

'Blue Suede Shoes' 1968 -  From  stephenseriously
More 'Blue Suede' (see fifties version below) so as to compare what changes 12 years can bring!
The answer is nothing much except that Elvis' suit changes from wool to leather!
Post Beatles, Elvis still rocks out! 

Elvis 'Kung Fu Fighting' - From  Inmabcn 
A great remix of the 'Behind The Image vol.2' trailer. Guaranteed to make you smile.
'Memphis Tennessee' - from rizzy25.
More excellent photos of Elvis in concert with some great action shots and close-ups. The colourised photo at the end with Scotty Moore is a real stunner.

Gospel Medley: So High/Working On The Building/Let Us Pray - From  DUDDISC
Combining '68 Special' and 'Change Of Habit' footage with home-videos.
A very sweet 7 minutes of Elvis Gospel.

'The Sound Of Your Cry' - From  purelistener
Another clever photo-montage, while we are in the mood for classic introspective songs. Some great rare photos. Only released as a single in the USA, sadly it didn't even make the Top 50.

"Sleep my love as I kiss you goodbye
Then I won't hear the sound of your cry"

'Burning Love II' ('72 rehearsal) - From  Robbo42
Sensational re-edit of the 'Burning Love' rehearsal from the "On Tour" sessions DVD.
Combining Elvis on stage intro with Studio rehearsal plus 1950's footage, this is fabulous. He's a Hunka' Hunka' burnin' Love! Watch it now before it is deleted. Won't last long!

Elvis' Wedding - Original News Reel Footage - From missclawdy93
Very short newsreel explaining why 'The Pelvis left bachelorhood'!!

Elvis & Priscilla rare 1968 footage
- From  thepresleyclan
From the 'Rare Footage Forum' a couple of minutes of great silent film of Elvis and Priscilla in LA.

'Welcome To My World'- From  Robbo42
A cute video using photos from Graceland, Sun studios, along with 'Welcome To My World' Aloha footage.

'Love Song Of The Year'
- From  DaveM1611 
A rarely heard Elvis song cleverly matched with a moving 70's photo-montage.
"I let love slip through my fingers like a golden breath of air" - (EIN thanks to Andrew UKBrit for the input)

'Power Of My Love' - From  purelistener 
A sensationally funky 1969 Elvis song set to a photo-montage of Elvis and various girls (girls, girls!). Crank it up!

'Stranger In My Own Home Town' - From  purelistener 
Another nice photo collage to a lesser known classic Elvis song. What? Elvis a stranger in Bealse street wearing his Harum Scarum get up! Get outta' here!!!
Some odd colour effects at time, but some great rare photos.

'We Can Make The Morning' - From  purelistener
A lovely photo montage to this brilliant introspective ballad from 1971.
Great to see some of Elvis' lesser known songs on YouTube.
"Loneliness is darkness' first companion"
- indeed. Thanks to Andrew UK Brit for the input.

Too Much Monkey Business/Long Lonely Highway - From ep34240
Five minutes of great home video clips (ex Elvis World Japan). It's always good to see Elvis relaxing and having fun.

Tiger Man / New Gladiators Karate footage. - From  elvos77
Some great Karate footage from Elvis' 1974 film, along with 68 Special/TTWII material. From the 'Never Ending Love' DVD by STAR productions. Worth tracking down.

Elvis Having Fun! - By QueenDonut
A sensational compile of clips to make you laugh. Set to the lesser-known 'When I'm Over You.' Don't miss this great clip, one of the very best!

Elvis TTWII 'Mary In the Morning' rehearsal - From  foolishrain
From the 2000 cinema release. Elvis red-shirt rehearsal having fun with the guys. Sadly after rehearsing 'Mary In the Morning' Elvis never performed the song in concert.

'Memphis Tennessee' (picture compilation of Graceland) - By SonnyTCB
A good selection of recent Graceland & Memphis photos with the perfect Elvis song. Makes me excited about going back in August.

'Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank' - One of the first three official videos posted by EPE.
Outtakes & bloopers compile - Worth seeing if you haven't got the single disc DVD of the 'Comeback Special' where it was included as a bonus feature.

Elvis: Love Me - By Robbo42
Combining 1956 and 68 performances. Fabulous.

Too Much Monkey Business' - From glenvincert
A clever fake edit of Elvis singing this song live on stage. Interestingly it is the 1980 Felton overdub version.

'I Can Help' - From starlight888
Excellent upbeat video showing Elvis in happy times and having fun.
Look out for Elvis in his prescription spectacles.
Nice to see another lesser-known Elvis track on YouTube.

'Early Morning Rain' (djf edit) - From smithersjones
Great video edit for one of Elvis' lesser appreciated songs. Elvis' post Aloha concert footage is cleverly matched with clips from the concert itself.

I'm A Roustabout - edited djf. Features some colourized Jailhouse Rock footage. See EIN's review of the excellent 2005 DVD '1st, 2nd & 4ever' which first featured this clip.

Polk Salad Annie (Elvis 1970 rehearsal) - By Josihno17
"We're getting ready to test this suit out!"  Includes Elvis' Peacock Suit, Phoenix and two-piece suits.  Set to various costumes & stage performances through the years & features rare home video.

'Such A Night' (with Kurt Russell!) - From  twangit45
From the end credits of the movie "3000 Miles To Graceland". Kurt Russell is forgiven as he is lip-syncing to Elvis! (Though I'm not sure if I can ever forgive Kevin Costner!) Ok, so it's also my favourite Elvis track.

Robbie Williams VS Elvis - 'Trouble!' Clever Robbie Williams and Elvis amalgamation. Elvis' rich & powerful vocal sure wins out!

'All Shook Up' - 68/70 edit by djf. - From smithersjones
Clever edit of TTWII, 68 special etc

The Return Of The King - By Josihno17
A varied selection of clips, videos of Elvis at home, on stage some rare jumpsuit footage. Doesn't feature any Elvis song, just an instrumental.

Goin' To The Promised Land - Sun Studios - From  ultimateelvis
If you're heading to Memphis this August this look at SUN may just be of interest.
Set to Elvis and 'Baby, Let's Play House'  The Elvis 101 boys make a historical trip to where rock & roll was born.

Bill Black's Combo playing 'Yogi' (1961) -  From dardanella
A fabulous rare find featuring Bill Black's Combo (post leaving Elvis) playing their instrumental 'Yogi'.  Bill Black's combo made the Top Ten in 1959, while Elvis was in the army, with 'Smokie'. This track is from the 1961 film The Teenage Millionaire.

Scotty Moore with Raul Malo & The Mavericks 'I Told You So' -  From  shirleyu812
Following on from Bill Black here is some recent great footage of Scotty Moore from the Elvis Tribute "All The Kings Men". What a great song, very sweet indeed.
For another look at Scotty Moore also check out the
fabulous DVD 'A Tribute To The King'

Elvis in new U2 video clip: U2's new single'Window in The Skies'. SENSATIONAL clip using a ton of performers, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra etc etc plus Elvis in 1956 and the '68 Comeback Special, singing U2s new song. Elvis in the 68 Special is towards the end & worth waiting for.

U2's private guided tour of Graceland - From  leschampkin
This is fascinating showing 10 minutes of U2's private tour of Graceland. Unfortunately in black & white - but the tour with Bono asking the questions does reveal some fun secrets. Bono loses a point for not knowing that the 'Moody Blue' LP was recorded in the Jungle Room!

"Elvis had he been a girl" by Dolly Parton - From  DPFAN11
A great story from Dolly, 'All Shook Up' and a wonderful impression. "He was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life"

Bob Dylan Elvis tribute - From  ELVISLAND
Something a little different. This is for Elvis fans who can also appreciate the songwriting of Bob Dylan - as Elvis did himself!  Bob Dylan wrote 'Went To See The Gypsy' after his first meeting with Elvis Presley. Several references are made regarding Elvis' career in Las Vegas as well as Dylan's own childhood.  From the lyrics...

" Went to see the gypsy,
Stayin' in a big hotel.
He smiled when he saw me coming,
And he said, "Well, well, well."
His room was dark and crowded,
Lights were low and dim. "

Little Sister' - (djf edit) - From smithersjones
The original single edited to TTWII footage. Fabulous - Elvis at his very best, more please!

'Paralyzed' (edit djf)  - From  smithersjones 
Fabulous photos and some great rare footage.

'One Night'  (edit djf) - From  smithersjones 
Nice edit of 68 Comeback footage with TTWII onstage material.

'Return to Sender' (Edit djf) - From  smithersjones 
Using great slow-mo to accentuate Elvis' cool shoulder & body action. A cool variation on the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' film clip. 
Once again from the DVD 'Elvis -1st, 2nd & 4ever'

'Kentucky Rain'  (edit djf) - From  smithersjones 
A simple photo-montage of Elvis in concert with some great 1969 shots to one of Elvis' loveliest songs.

'American Trilogy' (djf edit) - From  smithersjones
The recent FTD is An American Trilogy so we have added this essential clip. A fantastic Aloha video edit combining both shows and showing all the magnificence and power of American Trilogy. This is very clever and EPE should be doing the same for a 'Greatest Hits' DVD collection.

'Burning Love' (djf edit) - From smithersjones
Great edit of 1972/1973 action capturing the excitement of 'Burning Love' live.
I remember this song being played on TV in 1972 using boring Elvis publicity photographs. Why wasn't there a video clip like this to go with it then?

'My Boy' -  From  purelistener
Great photo montage capturing the emotional side of the song and the relevance to Lisa Marie. A compelling performance

Promised Land (edited djf) - From smithersjones
What a great edit for this song. RCA should have done something similar in 1974 when the single came out. I love this video. From the DVD 1st, 2nd & 4ever (
see EIN review

'Way Down'  (edit djf) - From smithersjones
Elvis' last #1 needed a good video to go with it. Here's a clever edit for it from Aloha. 

'Guitar Man' 1981 - from twangit45.
Interesting for being a clip for the 1981 Felton Jarvis 'Guitar Man' remix. A quality video with a painstaking edit to lip-sync the vision from the 68 TV Special.

'The Elvis Medley'  (djf edit) - From  smithersjones
Another great STAR video of multi-layered Elvis footage from his whole career.
A great intro that EPE could use in an 'Anthology' DVD. I hope EPE are checking out all of these videos and can release them officially one day in top DVD quality.

A Little Less Conversation - Extended remix - By malwebb
From the excellent 2005 DVD '1st, 2nd & 4Ever'

'In The Ghetto' (life-story version) - From  smithersjones
Similar to the touring 'Elvis In Concert' combining Elvis' life-story of his inspirational song. "Another little baby child is born, and his mama cries" 

'It's Now or Never' - (djf edit) - From smithersjones
Fabulous footage of Elvis' 1960 return to the US set to the original recording.
Great slo-mo vision showing off Elvis' magnificent hair as he headed to the Frank Sinatra TV show.
(With special thanks to Sanja Meegin)

Elvis with 'Surrender' - (edited djf) - By smithersjones
 Includes Priscilla & marriage footage. Taken from the excellent 2005 DVD '1st, 2nd & 4ever'

Elvis; A Mess of Blues - (edited djf) - By smithersjones
Great song with some rare Army Footage. Taken from the excellent 2005 DVD '1st, 2nd & 4ever'

'Danny Boy' - From  QueenDonut
A fabulous compile of rare Elvis footage through the years. Cleverly edited to Elvis' 'Danny Boy' this is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of most Elvis fans. Can 2007 really be the 30th anniversary? - it seems like just the other day... One of the most touching videos around - EIN thanks Andrew UKBrit for the lead.  

'Any Day Now' - From purelistener
Simple but effective photo-compilation of fine quality & rare pictures. Another seldom mentioned song even though it was the B-side of 'In the Ghetto'

'You'll Never Walk Alone' - from marcoviking.
A great message song with a photo-montage of some wonderful jumpsuit photos. And don't you love Elvis' 'casual' rainbow jacket. 

Elvis & Lisa Marie 'Don't Cry Daddy' duet - From kristinater2004
Enough to make anyone cry. Lisa Marie has to be praised for her courage. Can you imagine the emotion in recording this? If you have never seen this you are in for a real treat.

'A Fool Such As I'  (edit djf) - From  smithersjones 
Great song focusing on late fifties Elvis with army footage and rare photos.
Once again from the DVD 'Elvis -1st, 2nd & 4ever'

'Memories' (alt take) - From  elvos77 
Using the alt take of Memories from the FTD
'Let Yourself Go' with a cool montage of photos and clips.
'There's Only One Elvis'
so true. - A very sweet compile.

Elvis And Charlie Hodge tribute - from theking21083.
Remembering Charlie Hodge who died in March last year. A delightful video tribute to the life long friendship between Elvis and Charlie. Some fabulous photos. Lee Greenwood sings 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.

Elvis & Priscilla rare 1968 footage - From  thepresleyclan
From the 'Rare Footage Forum' a couple of minutes of great silent film of Elvis and Priscilla in LA.

I'll Remember You (edited djf) - From  smithersjones
This is very cute, the 1966 studio recording matched to Aloha video. Simple but effective idea.

'I've Lost You' - From  ademarbosa
A lovely photo-montage set to one of Elvis' best ballads. The live version from August 1970 & featuring some wonderful photos.
(With thanks to Rob V.)

A Day In The Life Of Elvis! - From  Jesse45408
Set to the fabulous 'Just Pretend' this is a poignant mix of Elvis from every era.
Starting with some sad 77 CBS TV footage it's a worthwhile & emotional journey.
"Just Pretend I didn't go"... -
If only.

Taking You Home - From thepresleyclan
A great montage of rare photos & videos showing Elvis' life with Priscilla & Lisa Marie.  Set to Don Henley's song Taking You Home, it's a lovely, emotional clip.

'Love Me, Love The Life I Lead' - From  DUDDISC
A very minor Elvis song that was never properly finished in the studio, but was eventually released as a filler on the 1973 'Fool' album. With a clever selection of footage and close-ups this clip actually makes the song much more enjoyable. You have to wonder what Elvis was really thinking of, or wishing for, in the back of his limo .. .

'Do You Know Who I Am' - from Rob Ireland.
Something a little different with beautiful images of Ireland superimposed to Elvis' heartbreaking 1969 song. Great song, nice chill-out images.

 'Long Black Limousine' - From purelistener
Another very appropriate and touching tribute set to an essential Elvis 1969 classic. Features some fabulous rare and close-up photos.

'This Is Elvis'  The complete movie - From  PeterS197135
Divided into eleven parts you can watch 'This Is Elvis'. A classic movie that needs a proper 2007 DVD upgrade. In the emotional first segment you can check out Graceland in its red decor from 1977 before Priscilla changed it back to the earlier white design that we see today.

'Elvis, I Still Cry' - From  patricktcb
Sensational. A very moving tribute with beautiful images of Elvis, Lisa Marie and family. Guaranteed to make any fan feel tearful. To the song by Ilse De Lange.

The touching lyrics are as follows
I'm making flowers out of paper
While darkness takes the afternoon
I know that they won't last forever
But real ones fade away to soon

I still cry sometimes when I remember you
I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
I said goodbye and I know you're alright now
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry

Elvis Presley, Pieces Of His Life - By Josihno17
Chronological look through Elvis' life using a great mix of clips & rare 8 mm video. EPE should have released this themselves on 'Elvis By The Presleys'.

A Tribute to Elvis Presley - From DemolitionLover
A photo montage tribute to Elvis using Alannah Myles 'Black Velvet'. Nicely done with some delicious colour images. The celebrity quotes ex 'shakey film' is rather good. "He was and is the greatest. Enjoy" - says the creator!  -   From the lyrics to Black Velvet..
Up in Memphis the music's like a heat wave
White lightning, bound to drive you wild.
Mama's baby's in the heart of every school girl
'Love me tender' leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle
The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true.
... Black velvet if you please.

'If I Can Dream' White suit/Leather suit edit - From  elvispresley1
"When I watch this video, I cannot help but think over and over again how much I love Elvis and miss him so much" - Charmaine.

Moody Blue 1977 - From From  smithersjones
The rare footage of Elvis on June 26th at Indianapolis airport & 1976 candid Elvis motor bike footage.

Lisa Marie through the years - From  moodyblue77
Something different - a photo tribute to Lisa Marie set to her song 'Dirty Laundry'.
Some great images and check out the final photo, how much does Lisa look like her Dad! As she rightly sings about the Media. . .
"Dirty little lies, We got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pie, We love to cut you down to size"

Old Friend (Bill Medley tribute) - From paulreno
Written by Righteous Brother Bill Medley this is a touching tribute to his friend Elvis. This photo-montage with videos are the perfect accompaniment. Features the touching lyrics.
"God you were young, It doesn't seem fair. Would you be here, If I could have been there? A lonely pain, we refused to see, Old friend, you touched my heart today"

Cry Like Memphis - From  vipor0779
While not by Elvis this song is a delightful tribute. Taken from the DVD 'His Best Friend Remembers' Sung by Erin Hay 'Cry Like Memphis' features some poignant lyrics.

Featuring the beautiful words...
Love Me Tender cuts through the dark
Coming from an open window of a passing car
And In that moment I believe
I can almost feel your body lying next to me
But one heart beating slowly brings me back around
I know you're gone and I know I'm breaking down .....

'Elvis Has Left The Building' (J.D. Sumner) - From theking21083
A heartfelt tribute to Elvis recorded by J.D. Sumner. Cleverly edited to essential photos of Elvis' life. Listen to JD's extraordinary deep voice.
"Elvis has left the building, but will always be around"

BBC news report of Graceland after Elvis' death - From ep34240
A quality news report from the non sensationalising BBC.  From August 18th 1977

Elvis in The Fifties

'Heartbreak Hotel' (documentary) - From ep34240
A fascinating 40 minute BBC documentary about the creation & importance of 'Heartbreak Hotel' From 'The Tales of Rock'n'Roll' if you have never seen the programme this is more essential Elvis viewing.

'Hound Dog' (djf edit)- From smithersjones
While in a fifties mood this a great idea combining the Milton Berle TV footage to the classic single. While it doesn't have the controversial bump-&-grind ending the slow-mo hip action is sensational.

'Don't' (djf edit) From smithersjones
A fabulous selection of late 1950's photos of Elvis. Nicely edited to Elvis great 1957 #1 ballad 'Don't'

Elvis in the army - From Sonny TCB
A fabulous selection of Army photos, some wonderfully rare. Set to the sublime 'Soldier Boy' from the sensational
'Elvis Is Back!' LP.

'That's All Right' Live 1950s - (edited djf)  - From  smithersjones
Sensational fifties edit of Elvis live on stage to the 'That's All Right' single. The birth of 'Rock'n'Roll' - Elvis onstage doing what he does best!

'Shake, Rattle And Roll' (Extended EWJ 1956 version) - From  ELVISLAND
A clever edit featuring the full 'dirty' lyrics - "You're wearing those dresses, sun comes shining through."  Also extended to 4 minutes, courtesy of Elvis World Japan. Can you imagine the uproar if Elvis had performed this version on TV in 1956!

'Blue Suede Shoes' colour 1956 - From  smithersjones
The Hal Wallis movie try-out with lip-synced audio. Great to see Elvis' natural colour hair. A classic. 

'Paralyzed' (edit djf)  - From  smithersjones 
One of my favourite 50s songs. Fabulous photos and some great rare footage.

'Hound Dog' 56 - all 3 Ed Sullivan shows in one! - From  hakanelvis
How fascinating to compare all 3 Ed Sullivan performances of Hound Dog.
A simple but effective idea.

Baby, Let's Play House - From  GuitarGal44
We need more fifties Elvis here! The sensational 'Baby Let's Play House' from the 2nd Dorsey TV show.
Elvis is so young & jittery and how "in his face" is the camera!  

'Let Me' 1956 in colour - From  elvos77
From the motion picture Love Me Tender. What were Elvis' rock'n'roll moves doing in a civil war movie!? - Interesting for being quite a fun colourisation.

Elvis live in 1957/56 - From  ElvisPresley75.Another marvellous look at Elvis in the fifties. This time using 'Always On My Mind' as the theme, this clip features a nice mix of fifties footage and photos.

'Wear My Ring Around Your Neck' (edited djf) - From  smithersjones
Great 1950's rare home footage of Elvis water-skiing, the Biloxi fishing trip, & playing with friends.

I'm A Roustabout - edited djf. Features some colourized Jailhouse Rock footage. See EIN's review of the excellent 2005 DVD '1st, 2nd & 4ever' which first featured this clip.

Elvis: Love Me - By Robbo42
Combining 1956 and 68 performances. Fabulous.

Elvis in 1955 "What's Going on?"  -  From  stevids
Clever video of early fifties Elvis to the original song 'What's Going On? This is 1955' Some fabulous early fifties footage and good to hear a new and original song about Elvis. Song by Rod & Steve Adams with vocal by Mandy.

Hear & see Elvis' original SUN #209! - From LynchburgSourMash
Wow this is a real oddity, but fun in an obtuse way!  What would you do if you owned a complete set of Elvis' 5 Sun issues? Well show them off & play them on YouTube! The voice in beginning is Elvis' early manager Bob Neal. 

Elvis 'clever' Movie Clips etc

'What's She Really Like' (djf edit) - From  smithersjones
A personal favourite from GI Blues but with added footage. 
I was always annoyed that the song was cut short in the film itself.

'Girl Happy' - From  DUDDISC
Fun edit of the title song. Did Elvis really agree to appear in drag for such a poor movie?
No wonder Elvis seemed to be breaking out of jail in the 68 Comeback Special!
This one's for Nigel.

'Baby, I Don't Care' (colour/edit) -   From  elvos77
Such a cool clip and interesting to see in colour.
Taken from the colourised Jailhouse Rock but overdubbed with the original recording.

'Rock-A-Hula Baby'  - From  smithersjones
Classic Blue Hawaii film clip but with that extra added slo-motion edit.
A slight but cute variation on the original.

'Tender Feeling' - From  elvisfanforever
More sixties Elvis. Rare photos of Priscilla plus footage of happier days for her & Elvis.
To the sweet tune 'Tender Feeling' from Kissin' Cousins.

'Little Egypt' - From  DUDDISC
From Roustabout but using the studio version so without those dreadful 'koochy-coo' film overdubs.
A great idea worth viewing one more time! 

'Return to Sender' (Edit djf) - From  smithersjones 
Using great slow-mo to accentuate Elvis' cool shoulder & body action.
A cool variation on the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' film clip. 
Once again from the DVD 'Elvis -1st, 2nd & 4ever'

'Viva Las Vegas' (Wildfire Remix) - From  DUDDISC
Worth a look for the fun compile of Viva Las Vegas movie clips even if the "dance remix" is way too tacky for a dance-floor shaker such as myself.
Perhaps this helps explain the importance of getting Elvis' remixes 'funky & contemporary' so that they do go to Number 1 as opposed to just pumping out Elvis "tacky-disco." See what you think.

Wonderful World' (The film clip) - From  lorerules
From the movie Roustabout, in 1964 the world may have been a nicer place to live.

'Home Is Where The Heart Is' - From  DUDDISC
I love this song from Kid Galahad. A beautiful clip combining the Kid Galahad performance with memories of Graceland.

'The King meets the King' - From  trevormeech
Very poor quality footage but interesting for showing Elvis meeting the King & Queen of Thailand
Available as part of the
'Inside G.I Blues' book.

'City By Night' -  From  lorerules
More sixties Elvis, straight from the movie Double Trouble Very cool, perfect for an Elvis 'Cool & Swinging' lounge compile CD.

'The Love Machine' - From  ElvisSpot
In September 1966 Elvis was filming 'Easy Come, Easy Go'
A dreadful movie. If you have never seen the film, here it is in under 3 minutes.
A delightfully funny piece of sixties Elvis fluff! (The clip, not the movie!)

"Holy Cow, I forgot the Bull"- From  nuclearhythmics
Less than 2 minutes of delightful silliness from 'Stay Away Joe'. Trying to escape his movie contracts, you know that even Elvis would laugh!
Luckily for Elvis (and us) the Comeback Special was only 7 months away.

'Charro' (cool edit) -   From  iamgman1
Fabulous clip edited to the title song. Makes a great promo for the film.
Check out how cool Elvis looks with beard & turned up collar.

'Charro' - From  GSCC
An underrated song combined with a great selection of film stills from 1968.

'Today, Tomorrow And Forever' with Ann-Margret. - From  Robbo42
I feel a lack of Elvis and Ann-Margret romance here on EIN's 'Best Of'!
This video cleverly combines the Elvis/Ann-Margret duet (from 'T,T &F' box-set) with some beautiful, luscious visuals from 'Viva las Vegas'. I doubt if Priscilla would approve but EPE should use this!
Look at the on-screen chemistry and YOU KNOW what they were doing off- screen. A cute edit indeed.

'This Is Elvis'  The complete movie - From  PeterS197135
Divided into eleven parts you can watch 'This Is Elvis'. A classic movie that needs a proper 2007 DVD upgrade. In the emotional first segment you can check out Graceland in its red decor from 1977 before Priscilla changed it back to the earlier white design that we see today.  

Elvis Interviews etc

Elvis "Hy Gardner calling" 1956 - From  hakanelvis
Elvis' only live network TV interview of his career from July 1st 1956. Elvis was staying at the Warwick Hotel, New York. Obviously tired, check out Elvis' body language to the weird questions - including "What about the rumour that you once shot your Mother?"

Elvis' extended 'On Tour' interview - From teddy030571 
Ten minutes of Elvis chatting openly during the filming of On Tour. A great interview taken from the 'On Tour' bootleg DVD.

The Aloha announcement interview 1972 - From PeterS197135
Between his dinner and Closing Show in Vegas on Sept 4, 1972 Elvis gave an interview to announce the upcoming "Aloha From Hawaii". There is no doubt that Elvis is somewhat spaced out, naturally or otherwise, by the whole scenario.

Elvis Aloha Interview by Tom Moffet - From  PeterS197135
Elvis arrives January 9th, 1973, to prepare for his "Aloha From Hawaii" Concert.
Long version with extra camera angles. Runs 10 minutes.   

Ed Parker, Marty Lacker, Bill Burk talk about Elvis - From JAARNO88
Elvis' friends including Bill Burk and Dee Stanley talk about their friend Elvis. Ed Parker makes some very honest & enjoyable comments.

Ginger Alden and Linda Thompson talk about Elvis - From JAARNO88
Fabulous 1980 interview footage in great quality. Note how young they both look.
Ginger tells how Elvis asked to marry her. Linda is as honest & adorable as ever, "Where ever Elvis is now, he knows we truly loved him"
A fascinating 8 minutes.

Ginger Alden Interview 1977 - From August1977
Fascinating seeing this rare interview with Ginger Alden even if it is from poor quality VHS. Ginger was obviously way too young to be dealing with the situation. Also short excerpts with Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito, who knowingly tries to cover up where Elvis really died. (With thanks to Sanja)

Linda Thompson at Graceland.  From thepresleyclan
Fascinating to see Linda Thompson walking around Graceland in 2006 (from NBC extra). Also a short Jerry Schilling interview.

Billy Smith (Elvis' cousin) presents a Graceland tour in the early 80's - From tcbpep
A fascinating rare video of Billy Smith presenting a private tour of Graceland.
See how much the displays have changed since then.

Graceland VIP Tour - From  jromanovich
A video of the 2005 VIP Graceland Tour around the backlot & grounds. Elvis' original tractors, Graceland apartments, the back exit etc.

Elvis' Jaycees Speech from January 1971 - From  PeterS197135
Elvis receives the award for being one of the ten outstanding young men in 1970. A clever edit from several documentary sources. It's amazing that Elvis admits to being so nervous when he would normally perform to such huge crow

Vernon Presley's Funeral at Graceland - From  thepresleyclan
Fascinating rare footage I had not seen before.  From 26 June 1979, a news report and footage of Vernon's funeral at Graceland.

Elvis moved from Forest Hill Cemetery to Meditation Gardens
- From  thepresleyclan
It seems we maybe feeling a little macabre this week. Here is rare footage of the day Elvis' casket was moved from Forest Hill to Graceland's Meditation Garden.
In case fans are not aware, on October 2nd 1977 both Elvis and his mother Gladys' coffins were moved from the original cemetery to where they now rest in the Meditation Garden.

Elvis' Houston Press Conference, 1970 - By PeterS197135
The near complete 1970 press conference in Houston/Texas. Some fabulous rare footage. Runs 9 minutes.

Elvis New York Press Conference 1972-  By tcbpep
A 10 minute highlight of the famous Elvis MSG 1972 Press Conference

Roy Orbison talking about Elvis - From thekingelvis
From 1977 the great Roy Orbison talks of his last meeting with his friend Elvis.

Colonel Parker Interview in 1993 -  From tcbpep
A fascinating glimpse at Col Parker as interviewed by Inside Edition. The carny Colonel is challenged about his gambling debts,  Elvis not  appearing in 'A Star Is Born' etc. Of course EPE in the end did win the court case against The Colonel for exploiting Elvis. Sadly the interview is not complete.  

Christmas with Elvis

EIN's favourite Christmas videos. Merry Christmas - and remember what Elvis sang,nd remember what Elvis sang,
Give thanks for all you've been blessed with
And hold your loved ones tight
For you know the Lord's been good to you
On a snowy Christmas night

Elvis Blue Christmas. By Rizzy25. Includes great footage of Graceland with its 1974 red decor.

Elvis - Blue Christmas, a 1977 performance
- By Jeroen

Elvis - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Elvis images by Frances (Kindhearted1)

On a Snowy Christmas Night -
Delightful picture compilation -  From  SonnyTCB

'If Every Day Was Like Christmas': EIN thoroughly recommends this Christmas video featuring Graceland scenes.


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