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The Irish Elvis Presley Fan Club is dedicated to raising funds for charity in the name of Elvis Presley



Since it was founded in 1984 the fan club has donated over 400,000 Euro to charities  in Ireland, this makes it the leading fund raising Elvis Presley Fan Club in the world, a record we are proud of, you can help us in this work by supporting our fund raising activities, if you would like to contact us CLICK HERE
Our latest venture in association with "My Boy Elvis" The Musical, will benefit "Irish Autism Action"


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16th. June 1975

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Our star cloths are used as stage backdrops in theatres, at rock concerts, in discos and special events such as weddings and parties, home theatre or in retail settings. A star cloth (or star curtain) is a piece of heavy black fabric studded with end glow optical fibres. The glowing fibre points are evenly distributed across the surface of the cloth and change colour or twinkle according to the set-up of the light source which provides the illumination. They measure 22ft. X 20ft therefore two matching cloths will give you a 40ft. span with a 22ft. drop. these are ideal for large theatrical productions but we also supply a 10ft. X 20ft. cloth which is ideal for smaller situations such as weddings, business presentations etc. We deliver install and collect all our cloths so contact us at 0035316211314.

 or email  

A Star Cloth is the perfect way to give your venue that extra sparkle.

Listen to samples from
Elvis Spankox remix
Track Listing:
  1. Baby Let's Play House (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit)

  2. Don't Be Cruel (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:12)
  3. Teddy Bear (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (1:53)
  4. Jailhouse Rock (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:30)
  5. All Shook Up (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (1:58)
  6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (2:49)
  7. Heartbreak Hotel (Spankox Re:Version - Ago Radio Edit) (2:04)
  8. Too Much (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (2:34)
  9. Just Because (Spankox Re:Version - Eyes Cream 3AM Short Mix) (2:38)
  10. You're A Heartbreaker (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:14)
  11. That's All Right (Spankox Re:Version - X-Treme Edit) (2:10)
   Bonus Video Clip: Baby Let's Play House (Spankox Re:Version) (3:45)


George Klein, Elvis And
The Memphis Tigers.

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20 Years Service
Certificate from EPE.

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The night Elvis
reclaimed his crown.

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Check out Carl Perkins
singing Blue Suede Shoes

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Tribute to Bill Belew

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Redevelopment  of
Graceland how will
it effect Memphis?

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Jeanne LeMay Dumas
 NBC interview

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Jeanne LeMay Dumas NBC interview 8-26-2007 in Providence, RI about her new book, Elvis, Linda and Me.


Ann Margret
 talks about Elvis.

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Elvis Presley KNBC News
 Las Vegas Sept. 1972.

A very rare news report from Las Vegas about the Elvis Shows from the Summer-Festival in August and September 1972.

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Death to the grave robbers

wpe89760.gif (49505 bytes)

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The Presley's attend
Led Zeppelin Concert
in London.

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Elvis Presley
Wagging His Tail
In Las Vegas

Review of Elvis In Concert at the International Hotel in August 1969, originally published by Rolling Stone magazine on February 21, 1970.

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The Elvis Encyclopaedia click picture

The best of Elvis on  You Tube
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How much of an Elvis expert are you?
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Listen to "Elvis Extra"
 every Sunday 7-8pm.

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Warner Bros  DVD releases
 trailers now on YouTube:

Girl Happy
Stay Away, Joe
Double Trouble

Kissin' Cousins
Viva Las Vegas
Jailhouse Rock
The Trouble With Girls
Tickle Me
Harum Scarum
Live A Little, Love A Little
It Happened At The World's Fair



"Write an Elvis Article"

If you have written an Elvis related article why not submit it to us for publication on our web site? we would be delighted to receive it.

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View Interview Videos
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The Internet mag. is publishing an impressive number of videos with musicians from Elvis's times from the 50s and 70s and beyond some of which have never been shown before. Meet the likes of Scotty Moore, the TCB Band, Tom Jones, Sonny West, Ed Bonja, Nancy Sinatra, Cliff Richard, Status Quo, Simple Minds, Joe Esposito or James Brown about Elvis!

Also an exclusive audio-interview with Sam Phillips. In addition to that, you can watch live footage and pictures from Memphis and Tupelo. The Elvis special on can be read in English or German.

The video clips with English speaking artists have all been kept in English of course. You will also find sweepstakes and competitions about Elvis on The Elvis special will be updated on a regular basis.

To access the English version just click on the picture above.



Breaking down Presley

In a very stimulating commentary,
likethebike presents his case for Presleymania and Beatlemania. recommends this very thoughtful and cogent commentary to all readers.

With themes including sexual tension, civil rights, backlash by society's cultural arbiters, r&b integration and realising the American dream.......this is a powerful exposition!

Read full article


Elvis / Beatles Films
another interesting

We recently came across this erudite analysis of Elvis and Beatles films. It is an excellent article going way beyond the usual surface analysis of the Elvis' body of film work.

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Bobby Darin
Versus Elvis Presley Article

Read More


New Irish Elvis web site has been launched

Click poster to enter site

Congratulations to Darren Clinton on the launch of his new web site,  please visit it and give your full support  to Darren on his commendable project, the site contains many interesting features, including a news and review page, some interesting articles, a discussion page etc. Darren is currently adding more features to the site on a daily basis and again I urge you to visit this excellent site.  


Bush an Koizumi
in Graceland

President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan visit Graceland, click on pictures to enlarge. 

Click here to read more about the visit and view video footage



Book Reviews

Check out our Book Review  Section for all the up to date reviews of new and old "Elvis" publications. To go to index click on picture


Clubs visit to "Graceland"

wpe87477.gif (390817 bytes)Several years ago the fan club visited "Graceland" click on picture to see photo gallery


Elvis' Suit visit's Ireland

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The "Elvis Presley"
Golf Classic

Was launched in 2003 and is the only Golf Classic in the world bearing the name of Elvis Presley, to date the event has raised 230,000 euro for charity. We would like to thank EPE. for granting us the special licence to run the event.

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Hire an Elvis Pink Cadillac

Make your wedding a special day with a "Elvis Style" pink Cadillac, other models also available

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Lisa Marie web site

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Lisa Marie's Wedding.

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CBS Mini-Series
Elvis Photo's

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           "Elvis Extra" every Sunday 7-8pm. Dublin's Country Mix 106.8FM           

Elvis Extra" is aired every Sunday from 7-8pm on Dublin's Country Mix 106.8FM,you can hear all your favourite Elvis songs, the show is presented by Joe Harrington and produced by George Twamley.  You can listen to the show live on line just click on logo.  

If you would like a request played click here.           

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Over a twelve week period we featured all Elvis's US Billboard Top 100 charting singles.   

Check Elvis's US Singles Chart


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(CD) BMG Reissues. 
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(CD) Elvis Inspiration Volume 2.  
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Todd Morgan's Memorial Service.
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University of Memphis Tigers Reach Final Four and Graceland Goes Blue.  1/4/08 Read More

From Elvis to Liberace, first lady of fingerprints made an impression.  1/4/08 Read More

NobleWorks Teams With "The King" For A New Line Of Elvis Greeting Cards.  1/4/08 Read More

Jack Soden's Whole lot of shaking going on at Graceland.  1/4/08 Read More

Elvis is on the building!  36-foot-tall Elvis unveiled in Times Square!  1/4/08 Read More

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Hugh Jarrett was in a car accident.
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Let Us Know Your Opinion.  28/3/08 Read More

Priscilla goes Mambo.
27/3/08 Read More

(CD) Elvis Presley "Super Hits" new BMG CD.  27/3/08 Read More

Graceland's latest celebrity visitor: Jeff Bridges.  27/3/08 Read More

Original Elvis Photos Create Buzz (Cut)  27/3/08 Read More

Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield new website launch.   27/3/08 Read More

First official Elvis Slot game online.  27/3/08 Read More

Top 10 Aircraft of the Rich and Famous.  27/3/08 Read More

FORT SMITH : Elvis fans want lock off barber site.  27/3/08 Read More

Priscilla Presley confirms botched operation.  27/3/08 Read More

George Klein under attack.  26/3/08 Read More

New Exhibits Opened at Graceland.  26/3/08 Read More

(Book) Sun King: The Life And Times Of Sam Phillips.  26/3/08 Read More

Sun Studio Vs. Sun Records.  26/3/08 Read More

Priscilla Presley Victim of Phony Cosmetic Doc.  26/3/08 Read More

(Memorabilia) Elvis Robot Head price tag slashed.  24/3/08 Read More

(RIP) Memphis Reporter John Hutto Weed Passed Away.  24/3/08 Read More

Sam Phillips Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamp Petition.  24/3/08 Read More

(Book) Portraits Free Bonus Gift.  24/3/08 Read More

Tupelo Elvis Festival Accepting Open Call for Entries.  23/3/08 Read More

(DVD) Elvis In Germany.  23/3/08 Read More

Are You Lonesome Tonight #1 On Dutch Radio 5.  23/3/08 Read More

Elvis' Grandaughter Gives Big Hunk 'O Nothin'  21/3/08 Read More

Priscilla The Queen Of the Dance Floor.  21/3/08 Read More

TCB Band in Norway - To Save A School.  21/3/08 Read More

Elvis Presley Collectable Standees.  21/3/08 Read More

Elvis Exhibition In Berlin.  21/3/08 Read More

(DVD) Johnny b. goode: '50s Chess Recordings, All music guide review.  21/3/08 Read More

(DVD) Here's another two new JTA Records import releases.  21/3/08 Read More

No TCB Show on March 29th.  21/3/08 Read More

Countdown Is On To Opening of Three New Exhibits at Graceland.  19/3/08 Read More

Elvis - Calendar invasion for 2009.  19/3/08 Read More

(Memorabilia) Aloha from McFarlane.  19/3/08 Read More


(RIP) Arthur C. Clarke, Author of `2001: A Space Odyssey dies.  19/3/08 Read More

Elvis World's Bill Burk in the hospital. 19/3/08 Read More

The Elvis Presley Story.  19/3/08 Read More

Funny (old) commercial.  18/3/08 Read More

iTunes Releases.  18/3/08 Read More

(DVD) Cover Art Australian DVD Re-issues.  18/3/08 Read More

Campaign launched for Elvis star on Las Vegas Blvd.  18/3/08 Read More

Elvis Auction was great success.
Read More

Cheyenne Jackson Is NOT Confirmed For Elvis Week!  17/3/08 Read More

Lisa Marie Presley Thank You!  17/3/08 Read More 

(Book) Elvis Presley - Portraits.  15/3/08 Read More 

(Book) New book '68 at 40.  15/3/08 Read More 

(Video) Outstanding Video Mix Made by Star Records!  15/3/08 Read More 


Loretta Lynn Talks About Elvis.  15/3/08 Read More 

Tupelo 10th Elvis Festival cuts costs, but promises Quality.  15/3/08 Read More 

Public Memorial Service for Todd Morgan Set for April 1, 2008.  15/3/08 Read More

A New label JTA Records.
15/3/08 Read More 


(Book) 'Elvis Presley - The King of Rock 'n Roll' new book release.  15/3/08 Read More 

(CD) Elvis in Canada.  15/3/08 Read More 

Fan Club President's Event Now Open To The Public.  15/3/08 Read More 

Blue Hawaii Co-Star Nancy Walters Diagnosed With Liver Cancer.  15/3/08 Read More 

Sneak Peek at Heinz Ketchup New Elvis Commercial.  15/3/08 Read More 

Marion Cocke Hospitalised.  13/3/08 Read More 

Running For President (talking album only!)  13/3/08 Read More 

Lisa Marie walking in LA.  13/3/08 Read More 

Bud Glass Sells Museum Card?  13/3/08 Read More 

Lisa Marie to sue Daily Mail.  10/3/08 Read More 

(Book) Revised edition of "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley" released.   10/3/08 Read More 

Graceland dressed in white.  9/3/08 Read More 

Elvis' Oldest Known Signature for sale.  9/3/08 Read More 

Former Soldier recalls service time with Elvis.  9/3/08

Flooding Dampens Polk Theatre Future - Elvis' Signature Saved.  9/3/08 Read More   

(CD) Trouble in Vegas.  8/3/08

'Reflections of a King' for EPE offices.  8/3/08 Read More 

Sun Records Website Poll.   8/3/08

(CD) Details His Hand In Mine Re-issue.  7/3/08

Elvis Presley White Baby Grand Piano On The Block Again.  7/3/08 Read More   

Singer and Songwriter Angelique Kidjo is Graceland's latest celebrity!  7/3/08 Read More   

Elvis In 2013: Still Dead, Making $190 Million.  7/3/08 Read More   

Priscilla is paired with a Dutch dancer, Louis Van Amstel.  7/3/08 Read More   

Lisa Marie pregnant.  7/3/08

(Movie)  Graceland to Memphis - The KING Returns.  7/3/08 Read More   

(RIP) Todd Morgan passed away.    3/3/08 Read More      

The Cow Palace may be history - The Arena Where Elvis Performed.  2/3/08 Read More

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