Elvis on YOUTUBE (Elvis live in concert)


Polk Salad Annie' - From  Josihno17
Great song, and a great edit featuring an excellent mix of rare home-footage.
4 minutes of inspired Polk Salad lunacy. Check the guitar throwing sequence, the nicely synced Karate and clever ending.

Elvis Rare Live Concert fan footage - From  tcbhome
Some very sweet and rare home-video footage. The beginning set to the the instrumental 'Papa was a Rolling Stone' is very cool indeed. Although spoiled a little by the insipid 'Burning Love' instrumental, the footage is still sensational.
The very rare 'Black Pyramid' jumpsuit footage at 04.50 was a revelation to me.

Elvis LIVE in Vegas August 1969  - From  tcbpep
A fabulous 10 minute clip. There is very little footage of Elvis live in concert in 1969 so tcbpep has done a great job editing audio to the little footage that we have. Great to see Elvis working out in his early black karate suit, pre the white jumpsuits. It is hard to believe that the money-making Colonel didn't film any of these shows.

Rubberneckin' (Live) - From missclawdy93
Sadly not the real footage but a great 1969 photo montage to the live Vegas Rubberneckin'. As recorded August 26th, Midnight show. 
(With special thanks to Ana Fern�ndez)

'Are You Lonesome/Bridge Over Troubled Water' - August 12th 1970 - From  PeterS197135
Unreleased TTWII camera footage from possibly Elvis' best-ever concert. With amazingly close-up shots of Elvis, 6 minutes of heaven capturing both the fun and sincerity of Elvis at his very best.
Elvis LIVES.

'Words' - Aug 12, 1970 Midnight Show - From  Littlelvis87
Sensational. Another TTWII outake courtesy of Elvis World Japan. Elvis looks so great and it is a fascinating performance from possibly his 'best concert ever'.
So why isn't it release officially?

'Little Sister/Get Back'
- From  monide
More from Aug 12, 1970 MS a great TTWII outake with Elvis sitting down and playing his electric guitar. Great to see Elvis getting funky and having fun. So why isn't it release officially? This need to be in the DVD upgrade. Watch it now before it is deleted.

'Don't Cry Daddy (Don't Cry Fatty)' /In The Ghetto' - from rizzy25.
Elvis having fun and mucking around during the TTWII rehearsals. It's amazing how seriously the musicians take it as Elvis messes about. 'In The Ghetto' even gets the intro "
As the shit flies"!

'Love Me/Are You Lonesome Tonight' TTWII 1970
- From  hisby
As Elvis says, "Right on baby". Yet more from TTWII outakes Aug 12, 1970 MS.
Elvis sitting down and playing his electric guitar, a very cool performance. 

'Stranger In The Crowd' (TTWII Live '70)
- From  elvispresley1
"Bare with us" says Elvis. A great outtakes from TTWII Vegas 1970. Elvis jokes, "It should be out in 1982". C'mon Warners/MGM where is that expanded TTWII DVD?  Great song - Watch it now before it is deleted. Won't last long!

'Patch It Up' August 12th 1970 - From  ElvisFootageBoss
Fabulous multi-screen edit of the entire video showing all camera angles.
The multi images deserve several viewings - a great idea from the elviscrawler team. (Thanks Steve for the input on these)

'Twenty Days and Twenty Nights' - From  elvos77
From 'Lost Performances' video, another song that should have been on the 'extended TTWII' DVD.

'Polk Salad Annie' rehearsal 1970 - From gerry2k
Polk Salad rehearsal 1970. The red shift stage rehearsal, always worth seeing again.

'Oh, Happy Day' (live in rehearsal) - From  2LisaMarie
Elvis puts his heart & soul into this great gospel classic. The red shirt rehearsal.
What a shame Elvis didn't try it out in concert more than the once on August 14th 1970.

Elvis in concert in Los Angeles 1970. - From  Kety3798790
7 minutes of rare footage from EWJ of the 'I Got Lucky' and 'Long-fringe' suit in LA, November 1970.   

The 1970 "After Show" Party Footage - From  mfbinc
Partly featured in TTWII, this is great quality footage with Elvis looking so cool and relaxed. The way Elvis and movie legend Cary Grant interact is delightful to see.

Elvis Live in Long-Fringe Suit L.A, Nov 1970
- From  roddyl56
Great footage showing off Elvis' amazing long-fringe jumpsuit. When you see Elvis in action you realise that it was always going to get tangled up!

Elvis Live in San Diego November 1970 - From kety3798790
5 minutes of fabulous Elvis in action 1970 from his second national tour since his Vegas renaissance. Looking great in his 'I Got Lucky' jumpsuit. Watch out for a short clip of the very early 'How Great Thou Art'. From Elvis World Japan.

Rare footage from Houston 1970 - From  ep34240
In February 1970 Elvis went back on tour beginning at the huge Houston Astrodome. Elvis performed 6 concerts with an unbelievable attendance of over 207,000 people. Although without audio, it is still interesting to see the enormity of the event. 

Once Upon A Time In 1971 - From elvisimportdvds
The idea of combining the great Boston concert 'One Night Only' with 1971 footage is a great idea. While some fans are disappointed that it is from various concerts and in varying quality, cranked up loud the DVD rocks.

'Suspicious Minds' (Live 1971) - From  DUDDISC
Some sensational rare home footage and film of Elvis live in 1971 looking great & rockin' out. Cleverly edited to audio from 1972.

'A Big Hunk O' Love' - From smithersjones
Great edit of Elvis through the ages - mainly 14 April EOT 1972 - rocking out to this great 1958 song .

Suspicious Minds 71/72 - By rdsprint
From 'Live Spirits' import DVD featuring excellent quality footage.

'The Impossible Dream' MSG 1972 At Madison Square Garden - By nina0505
And you didn't think Madison Square Garden was filmed by anyone! Poor quality but it is good to know that quality footage exists.

Live in Hawaii November 1972 as filmed by Japan TV - From  ELVISLAND
Filmed as an advertisement for the January 73 Aloha Show by Japan TV. The video quality is bootleg but it's an interesting 10 minute comparison to the very staid Aloha TV show. If only they had designed a intermission into the Aloha show, Elvis could have worked out & sweated some more.

'Are You Lonesome Tonight' 1972 - from rizzy25.
From Hampton Colosseum April 9,1972 as featured in the video 'The Lost Performances'.Elvis' most sincere performance of the often thrown-away classic.
Just listen to the end and watch Elvis' ringed hands @ 2:25 -just brilliant!
(Thanks Rob V for his input as always)

'Hound Dog' Madison Square Garden - From teddy030571
Great for being slow and funky. Don't ya' wish you were there? Why is none of the MSG press footage officially released yet?

Can't Help Falling In Love - 1972
- - From  paediddy
"Take it on home baby" .. from Elvis On Tour. Great footage of Elvis rushing off stage.

Elvis Karate in Vegas 1972 - From  nina0505
Short excerpt of Elvis Karate action in his 2 piece suit from 1972.

Elvis in Hawaii November 72  - From  rdsprint
These clips have been around for ages but here is a chance to see the version from the recent 'Hawaii 72' DVD. Interesting to see Elvis feeling far more laid-back than at the official Aloha, and looking very cool in his black 'Way Down' jump-suit.

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' (On Tour, Greensboro 1972) - From paediddy
E Live in Greensboro in 1972. Beautiful suit, beautiful song. Check out JD Sumner looking on in wonder.

 'American Trilogy' (djf edit) - From  smithersjones
The recent FTD is An American Trilogy so we have added this essential clip.
A fantastic Aloha video edit combining both shows and showing all the magnificence and power of American Trilogy. This is very clever and EPE should be doing the same for a 'Greatest Hits' DVD collection.

'Burning Love' (djf edit) - From smithersjones
Great edit of 1972/1973 action capturing the excitement of 'Burning Love' live.
I remember this song being played on TV in 1972 using boring Elvis publicity photographs.
Why wasn't there a video clip like this to go with it then?

'Polk Salad Annie' 1973 - By DancinDrAlucard
Yet more 'Polk' and fan footage. Short but interesting to see Elvis performing it wearing his cape in 1973.

Steamroller Blues Live 1973 vs.1974 - From  PeterS197135
A clever idea combining Elvis singing 'Steamroller' from Aloha matched to the March 20th, 1974 Memphis concert recording. As the two version are at difefrnt tempos it must have been tricky to get the lip-sync correct. Crank it up!

'That's All Right' Live 1974 Dayton - From  DaveM1611
Compare to the 'That's All Right' 1950s clip below. Here Twenty years later Elvis performing a fabulously spontaneous & rare 'That's All Right' live in October 1974 at Dayton. This is from a very emotional 'roller-coaster' tour of highs and lows.

How Great Thou Art (Elvis The Concert 2002 version)
Elvis Live In Memphis 1974 audio combined with Elvis on Tour film. With The Stamps, Imperials & Sweet Inspirations. Magnificent.

'You Gave Me A Mountain' Desert Storm version - From  ELVISLAND
An extraordinary version of 'You Gave Me A Mountain' with Elvis wearing his heart on his sleeve and seemingly singing to Priscilla in the audience. Elvis shows his bitterness and hurt - and the author of this video even calls it "Who Or What Killed Elvis?" Including some rare photos, this emotional clip will no doubt evoke some very strong emotions from every fan. This is what YouTube is all about, fans making their own personal statements, and I can see EPE rushing to remove this clip!

Elvis Gypsy Suit Footage
- From  bigrab42
Great close-up Gypsy Suit Footage from North Carolina 1975. Only 1 minute but v good quality for home-video.

Elvis in his "Penguin" suit - Live 1975 -  From  ep34240
Some amazing home-video of Elvis performing in his very rare two-piece 'Penguin' suit. Lots of bits & pieces but some cracking' TROUBLE and even a snatch of "Young & Beautiful' His strange belt only accentuates his weight - and check out Elvis' flares!

Elvis in Gypsy jump-suit 1975 - From DaveM1611
A short clip of close-up rare 1975 home video footage.

'Shake A Hand' Elvis and his fans -   From tcbhome
Combining Elvis' concert interactions with his fans with the studio version of 'Shake A Hand'. Some great rare live concert footage, check out Elvis & the huge flower from 1976!

'Steamroller Blues' (Best cool-funk version) - From  ELVISLAND
Another great video edit to the very laid-back funk of 1976's Steamroller Blues from Chicago, October. Including some excellent Elvis Karate action and it's good to see so much footage of Elvis his 1972 "cool shirts" phase. The early cape footage is fascinating too, can you believe he wore one over his 2 piece suit jacket!

'Polk Salad Annie' 1976 Elvis splits his pants! - From rizzy25
Filmed on March 21 1976 at Cincinnati this was the first time Elvis wore his Bicentennial Jumpsuit. In the middle of Polk Salad Annie Elvis ripped his pants and had to leave the stage to change jumpsuits. Elvis plays the incident for the humorous moment it is. Check out Elvis' face at 01.15 where it looks like he feels the rip!

Shining In Birmingham (Live 1976) - From elvisimportdvds
As a lot of Elvis fans are aware the Birmingham concert was one of Elvis' very best in 1976. This 10 minute clip allows us a glimpse of the tension and excitement of the crowd, flashbulbs & performance. How different Elvis was in December than earlier in the year when he appeared to be very ill. Luckily it was recorded on soundboard unlike the New Year's Eve concert.

Steamroller Blues/America 1976, - from ruggiero60it
1976 in general was not a good year for Elvis but here are two fascinating performances. Especially the funky Steamroller Blues in his strange 'Blue Egyptian Bird' puffy-sleeve suit. EIN, with thanks to Debbie.

'Such A Night' Live Dec 30, 1976 - From  thekingelvis
From home-video footage from Atlanta 1976, one of Elvis' last great concerts.
Elvis' image is pretty blurry but it is close-up and is as good as you will find.
Great to see all the band and Elvis knowing that this was one great impromptu moment.

'Reconsider Baby' Pittsburgh New Year's Eve 1976 - From  ELVISLAND 
One of Elvis' best recordings thankfully filmed on his last 'great concert' Pittsburgh New Year's Eve 1976. Fabulous live home-video footage.
What a treat for the fans that night. (From E.W.Japan)

Fairytale - Pittsburgh 1976 NYE. - From  tcbmemphis
Elvis' life was a fairytale. Rare 8mm footage from Elvis' last great live concert, New Year's Eve 1976. All the sadder to see how he deteriorated so fast in the following 6 months.

'See See Rider' Vegas December 1976 - From  Josihno17
1976 was a very poor year for Elvis, but his December concerts (probably due to new girlfriend Ginger) showed a definite better spark. Nice close-up footage for home-video this shows Elvis in much better form than the June 77 TV recordings.

'Hound Dog' June 21st 1977 - From  ElvisFootageBoss
A multi-screen edit from the CBS TV show. How different is this from the New Year's Polk Salad Annie clip above. Surely the man shouldn't have been onstage.
Yes it is embarrassing, but there is a glint in Elvis' eyes that shows he was having fun & trying to give his all to the fans.

'Hurt' Live May 1977 - From  ep34240
Hurt live 1977 from May 2 in Chicago. Poor focus home-video but watch it for Elvis' fabulous voice and the reprise plus brilliant backward's role, what a performer!
'Hurt' Live June 1977
- From  rizzy25 
Interesting to compare Elvis' unused CBS filmed Omaha June 19th attempt with the May version above. What a difference a couple of months can make when you are not well.  Elvis rightly acknowledges "I need all the help I can get on this one!" - See EIN
'In Concert' DVD review

'My Way' (studio version) - From  kindhearted1
Interesting for being the very understated & quiet version of My Way. Compiled to poignant pictures and footage of Elvis throughout the years.
How did it all slip away so dramatically...

'Polk Salad Annie' Jan 1st 1977 - From  ElvisFootageBoss
Another fabulous multi-screen edit of Elvis in concert, this time from 8mm home-video. Looking fine and sounding great it is hard to believe that Elvis only had 228 days left to live. Elvis' New Years Eve show was the last great concert of his career. Another great idea from the elviscrawler team.

'My Way' (Elvis By The Presleys)
- From rizzy25
Another 'My Way' this time featuring some very dramatic and emotional vision.
The tearful, and very natural, Lisa-Marie footage will touch you.

'Trying To Get To You' 1977 - From  LEGENDSOFTHEROD
From the Rapid City TV concert...
"A song I did about 18 years ago. My dad likes it and my girlfriend Ginger likes it".
Elvis sure takes a long time to get going but pulls it off in the end.

'My Way 1977' - By patricktcb 
From the 1977 CBS TV Special. Heartbreaking to watch but the voice is still there. With remastered sound and picture!

Elvis Backstage in Rapid City June 21, 1977 - From  BurningLove1977
As seen in the Elvis In Concert import DVD, this is footage from backstage at the Civic Centre, Rapid City June 21, 1977. Elvis is presented with a 'Medalion Of Life' from the Indian Sioux nation but sadly he would only get to perform 6 more concerts.

'If You Love Me, Let me Know'- 1977- From  DUDDISC
Combining photos from Elvis' last vacation & the CBS TV Rapid City June 21st concert to the 'Moody Blue' (Kalamazoo) overdubbed recording.  The clip clarifies that fact that in 1977 Elvis really needed to be on vacation and not back on the road.

Elvis In Concert 1977 - For the complete 1977 concert start here with Part 1
The sad & emotional 1977 CBS TV special. Hopefully EPE will re-edit this before it is officially released.

'Johnny Be Goode' (new 2002 edit)- From  patricktcb
A great edit of Johnny B Goode from Elvis The Concert 2002 without the stupid interuption of the band comments. It's a very clever way for the TCB Band today to add their own solos and Elvis is always in sync, although in various different jumpsuits!

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