Todd Morgan's Memorial Service.

While not everyone could be there, devoted Elvis fan Susan Graham travelled to Memphis to witness the touching memorial service and was able to blog about the event from rehearsal through the emotional ending, her blog can be found by
clicking on this link.

I�m here at the sound check for Todd�s service. I was hoping to blog live but since I didn�t make arrangements in advance I can�t get connected. It�s really too bad.

They are singing �Somewhere over the Rainbow� and the tears are already welling up in my eyes. The Imperials are here, Joe Guercio.

Terry Mike Jeffrey is rehearsing now. I�ll do the blow by blow when I blog the actual performance.

I�m sitting in the back of the auditorium now. By myself, near the sound board where I can plug in my laptop.

There are a couple of people in the first 2 rows that appear to be family members. I see Jerry Schilling and Gary Hovey chatting.

Scott Williams just came in. This is tough. Big hug, repeating what we�ve already said � wish it could be seeing each other under happier circumstances.

The Service begins

�Peace in the Valley� accompanies lots of pictures of Todd growing up. What a hoot!

More pictures of Todd, voiced over by Bill Rock with the story of his life. There is video of Todd throughout the years with EPE. Background music is �Bridge Over Troubled Waters�. Video of Todd at last year�s 30th Anny concert. Video of Todd with Matt Lauer. Pictures of Todd and his charities. Pictures, many pictures, of Todd and friends. His favorite song now under the voiceover: "My Way".

The Imperials come on stage. Sing �Peace in the Valley�. My throat is tightening again.

Jack Soden � Todd deserved credit for far more than anything you�ve seen him get credit for. From the beginning fans knew they had a kindred soul in Todd. He fought their battles and showed them wisdom when he thought patience was the better path.

Jack�s voice is cracking. He talks about the all-nighters. He talks about rewriting scripts for the next day. Todd would ask about Lisa � would she ever appreciate what we do? Reads statement from Lisa. His heart soul and dedication will never be replaced. I hope he knows how much I appreciated how much he did. Words can hardly describe what we have felt in this time (since Todd's death).

Sound Fuzion plays �A Little Less Conversation�. Awesome! Making me cry just thinking about Todd watching them.

Kevin Kern � Todd was his boss, but more of a friend than a co-worker. Todd was the voice of Graceland, Now the voices of Graceland workers. (He quotes a number of them but I hope they post these because I cannot type fast enough. "Nobody did Steel Magnolias better than you." "Quiet kindnesses."

Video clips of Todd on camera. Todd with a beard talking about the Graceland wall. Todd in the car museum, Todd with Matt Lauer. Larry King�s tribute.

Jerry Schilling � March 3rd � I needed to call Todd about the end-all documentary he�s been interested in. I couldn�t believe it when Gary Hovey called me later that day to tell me that Todd was gone. Normally on at a time like this (the service) I would show Todd what I was going to say. We�ll all never be as eloquent without Todd. (His voice is cracking). Todd knew I had a book before I knew it. I thank him for his time, his expertise, and most of all for his friendship. Col. Beaulieu said �what I loved the most about coming to Graceland was to come to hear Todd speak�. I can�t imagine Elvis week without Todd. But as someone said, the show must go on. But because of all the work he did over the years we will always feel his presence. Priscilla called, too and I�ve never heard her so devastated.

Video from Priscilla - Priscilla�s videotaped message was wonderful. You could hear her voice cracking as she mentioned that Todd was supposed to have come out to cheer her on in Dancing With the Stars. She said had he been there he would have said �Love your hair. Hope you win�. It was an ongoing thing they had. We�ll miss him, she said.

Gary Hovey � Todd and I worked together. He was the creative guy and I was the one when I tried to make it work. (Voice cracking). I met Todd in 1990. No one cared about Elvis more than Todd. One day he called and said �Can you get Elvis� voice track out of a video�? Well, why not? � led to the Symphony, then on to the Elvis the Concert. Stig Egren, the producer, says working with Todd was the most fun he�d ever had. Todd was a perfectionist for all things, big or small. It was a working relationship between us, but also a friendship.
Todd always took the time to explain to the fans why something they wanted couldn�t happen, not just that EPE couldn�t do it. Todd named me Dr. No for all the things I had to say no to. At the end of last year Todd had been moved into my department. We had lots of projects we were going to work on together. We will miss his caring, his Candlelight talks. Nobody will replace Todd. In 2003 we got to do something we had been dreaming about � remastering the �68 Special. During the edit, we had an hour left in the editing room. That�s when we put together what is now known as the �black and white� If I Can Dream.

Video - If I Can Dream � black and white version.

Justin Morgan, Todd's brother � he never said "love your hair hope you win to me". Thanks to EPE for the immense support. Growing up Todd was such a support to me and our brother Trevor. A guide, a champion, a refuge for me through my best times, my worst times. Funny cards, a great listener. Great memories. For my 11th birthday Todd was still a tour guide and he arranged for a tour of Graceland for me. It was a huge treat for me, including the special treatment he arranged. At the end of the tour Todd gave me a on the life and times of EP. All the guides, including Billy Smith signed it, including Rising Sun (!). Later in life, the big tribute concert at the Pyramid, with all the musicians who were heroes of mine. At the end of the show Todd put a VIP pass around my neck. We went upstairs, there was Joe E. First person in the room is James Burton. I met them all � the Sweets, Ronnie Tutt. I was overwhelmed by the whole thing. I�m usually talkative but I was speechless that night. Todd was not only my brother but my friend. Words cannot describe how much my family misses him right now. We all shared a passion for music and we used to sing all the time. But we couldn�t get him to sing much. But one of the songs we did sing together was �Lead Me�. Todd and I would often sing this together in the car. Being on the stage with some of the people who worked with Elvis at such an event (Todd�s memorial) was not what he had in mind, but this is for Todd.

Justin sings �Lead Me� a cappela. He has a beautiful voice and this is so, so sad.

Terry Mike Jeffrey � I�ve known Todd for 22 years. We used to compete unofficially in Elvis trivia. One of Todd�s favourite Elvis songs was �Wonder of You�. He sings this with the Imperials. Asking the Imperials was impromptu, as they didn�t do it this way in rehearsal.

Joe Mosheo � I haven�t been appointed spokesman for the vocal groups Elvis sang with. But I think I can speak for all of them when I say we�re going to miss Todd. He was our best friend. He had a way of making you think everything was ok. He was someone you trusted. It�s difficult these days to have someone you can trust. He was sympathetic to our cause, which was gospel music. When we were planning the �He Touched Me� DVD he was so instrumental in helping us with details. His life was too brief. We will miss him.

The Imperials: �He Touched Me�. This is so hard.

Larry Edwards � friend of Todd. I direct Sound Fuzion. That�s how I met Todd. Todd had a way of making everyone feel good about themselves. He had the ability to make everyone feel important. Todd refurbished a 2 bedroom 1 bath house in Memphis. He knew what he wanted and was looking for another one. He found one and on closing day he invited some of his friends went with him to see it. He told us �I found the ugliest ranch house in Memphis�. And he did! We were at this house after he died and we were sitting around talking about this house. There wasn�t any �ugly duckling� that he didn�t think was beautiful and he made everyone feel good.

Joe Guercio. Joe told several stories about working with Todd but I couldn't get them all.... "After I did something with the Pope he called me �Pontiff�. When he did something particularly great I �promoted� him to �Cardinal� and that�s the way he signed his emails from then on. "

First time he walked into my condo in Nashville he saw a picture I had of Judy Garland. He was a huge Garland fan. So in honor of his love of Judy, Ruby Wilson sings �Over the Rainbow�.

Imperials � Sweet, Sweet Spirit. Surprise for me! I didn�t hear this at the sound check. I love this song.
Oh my. How beautiful. Makes my heart ache. I requested this song on Bill Rock�s show in memory of Todd, but because Elvis never recorded it, he had to pick my second choice, �He Touched Me�.
�How Great Thou Art� Joe says "the night we finished mixing this I called Todd and we played this version for him over the phone. This is for you, Todd. " Ruby sings with the Imperials and Joe is conducting.

Last vision: Joe Petruccio�s portrait of Joe!

It was a beautiful service. We got the chance to chat a little with everyone afterward. It's clear to me how much the "bigwigs" are missing Todd. Jack said he bets there isn't a soul on earth who didn't have a high opinion of Todd. Jerry is still reeling from not having Todd to bounce ideas off of. Scott tells me they still start many sentences at Graceland with "Todd did.." or "Ask Todd..." etc. Life goes on there, but it's still very surreal that Todd isn't there.
Others who were there, please feel free to add comments and pictures.

Thanks, EPE, for doing so right by Todd.

Susan Graham 

Posted:  4th. April 2008 

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